This past summer I interned at Hewlett Packard Enterprises as a Software Engineer.

I had the pleasure of getting to learn from some of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) best engineers during Summer 2023. I worked under Aruba Network's division at the office, resolving bugs and developing a fullstack developer tool that would greatly cut down time to obtain device IDs.

My time at HPE was generally split into two projects as mentioned above. My first two months were spent resolving bugs that were plaguing tools used to troubleshoot device connections, whereas my last two months were spent working on a fullstack developer application that permitted employees to obtain valuable information on device IDs. This tool would go on to be used by over 100 developers, quality assurance and sales engineers, and customer service representatives.

At HPE, I learned an incredible amount of new information and skills. During my work, I picked up GoLang, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, and improved my Python, HTML, and CSS skills. I also obtained a strong grasp on the Linux terminal and Git, which I had hardly any experience working with prior. These tools and skills have become an integral part of my programming academics and personal projects, having used most of these since concluding my internship.

My experience at HPE was extremely valuable and I had an amazing time working at the office. I made some new friends who I am still in contact with, and got to experience what Software Engineering was truly like in the industry. I even got to participate in some fun activities outside of work that were planned for the interns, such as Top Golf and pool games. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I would not trade in for anything else.

I also recieved a return offer that I accepted for Summer 2024, so I will be making another post regarding what I accomplish next year!