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I'd love to help you excel in your courses.

I have been tutoring for over 5 years, with experience teaching subjects such as: Python, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I-II, Calculus I, and Spanish.

As a tutor, my primary goal is to ensure that the student has a strong understanding of the subject, being prepared enough to take exams confidently. I will always try my best to accomodate my teaching to the student's prefered learning style, and explain lessons in whatever method helps them learn best.

My students have a record of consistently earning A's and high B's on their exams after coming to me and receiving instruction, while prior receiving low or failing grades. While I cannot guarantee a grade boost (that is on the student to truly practice and improve), I can ensure that I will always do my best to help the student learn, even responding to questions outside of designated tutoring sessions.

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