This HTML project was my old website that has since been replaced by the one you are on now.

What you see here is what this website used to be, from 2020-2024. This was my first HTML project, from which I learned the core basics of frontend web-design and UI interface. While not extremely pretty, I had created this website entirely on my own, without the help or contribution of anybody else. Just me, some YouTube, and 10 hours of my time. From there, the website grew to feature new projects & update my work experience.

I had wanted something that stood out, something that made me unique. In a world of endless software engineers and developers, a resume simply does not set you apart from the rest of the crowd anymore. Knowing this, I wanted a flashy way to display my past work, skills, and other information about me.

I drew inspiration from (you can find his work linked here). Studying his HTML & CSS writing (using the inspect feature on a browser), I picked up on formatting and styling techniques that were at the time foreign to me. Inserting these into my own work, the website slowly began to take shape.

I also learned how to write HTML & CSS from W3Schools, a great resource, and StackOverflow. ChatGPT wasn't yet around at the time that I created this site, so that tool was not put into usage for this project.

If you'd like to view the project yourself, I have uploaded the code to a GitHub repository linked here.

For the interactible nodes on the home screen, I used an open source JS library that I cannot find again :(