Valentines 2024 Questionare

This project was my fun little way of asking my girlfriend to be my Valentine this year.

I had seen many different posts of people asking their significant others to be their Valentines, either through a card or flowers, but I wanted to do something different. Something original. And so, I decided to develop an interactive website that would infintely ask her as such until she says yes (because she can't say no)!

The website consists of an animated beating heart, faded text animations, and multiple text prompts that change on each button click. The prompts will infintely cycle until the "yes" button is clicked, then revealing a celebratory screen with a cute GIF.

This project required me to obtain a much stronger grasp on JavaScript than I already had, and I also decided to write neat and tidy HTML & CSS (no spagetti code here). I am quite happy with how it turned out, as I created the project entirely on my own, and from this project developed a newfound passion for frontend development and UI/UX design.

If you'd like to view the project yourself, I have uploaded the code to a GitHub repository linked here.

By the way, she said yes on the first go without pressing the "no" button ;)